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Solar energy

SOLAR POWER:  This method of heating a store of water by the sun has been on the market for some years, with todays technology it is possible to harness the suns properties even on a cloudy day. Long gone are the days where only the hottest weather can achieve results, with the uncertain British weather this is a perfect option for providing hot water requirements and reducing the use of fossil fuels thus helping the enviroment for future generations.


There are two options of instalation for the pannels

1.   Onroof:   The pannel is fixed to the roof over the slates via brackets

2.   Inroof:     The pannel is fixed to the roof by removing the slates and intergrating it into the fabric 

Option two is ideal for anyone re-slating an existing roof, or new build, as the amount of slates are reduced while also providing an almost seamless integration.      

 www.schueco.com  is one of the market leaders for solarpower 

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